Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Peyton Manning's Legacy

All of Sunday Night, and pretty much all of Monday, this is what I've heard:

"Peyton Manning is a choker."

"Peyton can't get it done on the big stage."

"Tom Brady would've done better."

"All that offense and Peyton only scored 8 points? He's terrible!"

"He's not even better than his brother."

"Can we finally stop talking about Manning in the "Greatest of all time" talks?"

"Peyton will never win another Super Bowl."

Nonsense and ignorance from people who don't know any better. Before I address this, I'm going to talk about Manning's Legacy. And for the record, no, I'm not a Broncos fan. My team is The Colts. I am merely defending one of the greatest.

I've really heard people place all the blame on Peyton. How can ALL the blame fall on Manning? Did he make some poor throws? Absolutely. Did he force some throws? Absolutely. Could he have played better? Yes, but that point is debatable. I don't think any QB with an O-Line that bad could've had a better game. We act like Manning threw for 90 yards, or something. He still had 280 yards passing and set a new record for completions in the Super Bowl. Manning deserves some of the blame, but ALL? Let's be serious for a minute.

Manning didn't lose the game. Seattle's defense won it and won BIG. There is a clear difference. If you couldn't see that, then you weren't watching the same game I was. When a QB doesn't get enough time in the pocket to make plays, of course he's going to look bad. Seattle's defense shut down everything Denver's offense was trying to do. What worked so well for Denver in the regular season and those first two playoff games, Seattle took it all away from them and the only thing Denver could do were screen plays and dink-and-dunk down the field. Why else did people think they were running those plays? Nothing else was working. That defensive line made it impossible for Denver's offense to run without any sort of rhythm. From the offset, they let the Broncos know what kind of night they were in for.

Manning could've gotten the ball out of his hands faster and take sacks rather than just throwing it up. But is it his fault the offensive line got dominated and couldn't block? Is it his fault that he had pressure in his face all night and he couldn't stand and deliver in the pocket? Is it his fault the defense couldn't tackle and were getting abused? Is it his fault that his receivers looked scared out there, dropping passes and plays where they didn't even try for the ball? I guess Manning was out there playing defense and should've done something to stop Percy from returning that opening 2nd half kickoff. Denver as a team, clearly didn't come prepared and got blown off the field.

Let's give Seattle's defense credit for shutting down the highest scoring offense in NFL History, rather than saying "Manning choked, or saying he doesn't play well in the postseason. Don't be ignorant. If Manning had gone out there and threw for 80 yards with 4 picks, then we'd have a conversation. To be fair, I don't think any other AFC QB would've performed well against that defense with an O-Line that poor.

Peyton is still Top 5 All-Time as far as I'm concerned. One of the greatest to ever play the game. But he had a bad game. QB's have bad games. This happens. We're going to negate everything Peyton Manning has done in his career and base his Legacy off this game? A game which his entire team was unprepared, got out coached, and got beat up by and extremely physical, fast, and sound defense? He'll be back next season with a Vengeance.

People say a Super Bowl Ring is the only thing that matters. Dan Marino doesn't have a ring, yet's he's a Top 5 All-Time QB. Terry Bradshaw has 4 rings, yet you rarely hear his name in Top 5 talks. Why? Marino is clearly the better QB, but Defense wins Championships. Brady has 3 rings. People rarely bring up the fact that he had a great defense and run game that led him to those rings.

If Brady went out there and only scored 8 points and his team lost by 35, who would people blame? Brady, or everybody else?

One person can't do it alone. Teams win games. The media will slander Peyton from now until next season. Peyton's Legacy is fine. He will still go into the Hall of Fame, and still go down as one of the greatest of all time. Anybody who says otherwise doesn't know Football.

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By: Gerald "Showstopper" Prophete

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

AJ Lee and the Divas Championship

In a Divas Division that is barely showcased on TV, females that have no originality and little wrestling ability, and matches that don't even get to 5 minutes, AJ Lee is definitely a breath of fresh air. Let's run through it.

Originality: Check. She's got her own style which gives her a cool factor and makes her likable whether she's a heel or a face.

In-ring ability: Check. She's one of the best female wrestlers on the WWE roster at this moment in my opinion.

Good mic skills: Check. Her promo with Stephanie McMahon a few months ago, and the way she buried the Divas roster that one RAW should say it all. She needs to cut down on that "crazy" thing. It needs to be more of an on/off thing rather than some strange tick.

Over as a heel/face: Check. She's probably the only Diva that gets a pop.

Looks: She's definitely a cutie. I don't think anybody can dispute that.

Plus, she's dating CM Punk (rumored.) Only flaw with her character, is her theme music. They have got to give her better music. What happened to the days when female wrestlers had rock music, or hip-hop as their themes and not stupidly generic pop music? I'm not sure if she's still skipping to the ring, or not, but if she is, she needs to stop.

But what is she missing? For starters, more exposure. Backstage promos, media appearances, longer matches, and consistent interaction with other Divas in the back. A heel Champion should play off their dominance over the rest of the roster since they're holding the top Championship of that Division. Gives her more Heat as a heel.

What else? A good feud with a person of equal mic work, style, and presence. I haven't been watching much NXT, but what I have heard are the two female wrestlers down there lighting it up.


Paige is the exact opposite of all the Divas in the WWE. Her moniker is the "Anti-Diva" meaning she's in it for the wrestling and the right to be the Champion. She's not there to be a cover girl, or model trotting looking pretty for the cameras.

Basically, it's what they're trying to do with AJ, except Paige is doing is much better. She's younger, a better, more physical in-ring worker, got a great, dark style plus she's got a sweet accent.


Emma on the other hand is silly, funny, cute, literally a bubbly personality (her entrance includes bubbles), but her in-ring work speaks for itself and is solid when it comes to promos.

You give any one of them to AJ and book it the right way, you've got some magic. Especially with Paige. Paige is a darker version of the Anti-Diva character AJ is portraying. I believe she's better than AJ on the mic and in the ring. Imagine the kind of feud these two can have.

How would I do it? Have Paige debut and attack AJ (if she's still with Tamina, I'd end that partnership), ending with her holding up the Divas Title. The next week, Paige comes out, introduces herself to the audience, and says she's been watching AJ for some time now. From then on, she runs her down for being a sham of an Anti-Diva and how Paige is everything she's not. She's the true Anti-Diva. Not there to make friends, look pretty for the cameras, etc. She's there to wrestle, win the Divas Championship and save the Division from itself. AJ comes out and attacks her and both women have to get pulled apart.

Right off the bat, you've established that Paige is a heel, the fans love AJ, so she can make the instant transition from heel to face, you've established a personal conflict and what the Divas Championship means. What I wrote isn't exactly perfect, but honestly, the story writes itself.

If it was up to me, it'd Paige challenging AJ for the Divas Championship at WrestleMania. An Anti-Diva vs an even darker Anti-Diva.

Both of these women can put on a good match, and if booked right, a feud with characters like this can ignite interest back into the Divas Division. The Divas Division hasn't been interesting since Trish feuded with Mickie James all the way back in 2006. Divas today have no flavor, no personality, aren't good wrestlers or talkers, the booking is horrid, and matches are short.

I don't know when they're bringing in Paige or Emma to the main roster, and even if they do, they won't have AJ drop the belt to either one so soon. If AJ does lose the belt, it'd be absolutely random. Natalya should be the one to take the belt off her. She's the best wrestler they've got, and is barely on TV, and when she is, gets jobbed out.

But it comes down to the booking. AJ has been holding the Divas Championship since June, but let's be honest, how many times has she actually defended it? Her title reign is flawed, inconsistent, and a sham. It's not on AJ, it's the booking. How can one be a fighting Champion if they have barely defended the title they're holding?

Just my two cents.

Here are some links to some Paige promos and a few matches between Paige and Emma. Feel free to check them out and broaden your horizons.

Paige Promo:


Paige vs Emma Matches:



Paige & Emma Promo:


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By Gerald "Showstopper" Prophete

Super Bowl 48 XVLIII Predictions

The Biggest game of the season and this will be my boldest prediction yet made. The Seattle Seahawks will beat the Peyton Manning lead Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII 27-24. The MVP will be Richard Sherman due mostly to his mouth campaigning prior to the game but will also include a pick six! You know Peyton Manning might not get into a verbal sparing match with Sherman but the sheriff will surely take a shot or two in his direction and that will be the wrong thing to do. Sherman's 20 picks since 2011 is enough to lead the NFL.

This is the Super Bowl and clearly it took more than one player to get here. How about five different Denver players with ten or more touchdowns in the same season (first time in NFL history) but Seattle's defense comes in with the number one overall ranked defense and  DEFENSE wins championships! Here is a nugget from ESPN stats and info (This is the 16th time that the defense that allowed the fewest points in the NFL has made the Super Bowl since the merger. The previous 15 teams went 12-3 in those Super Bowls.)

With all that useful information now digested, my heart is leaning with Peyton and his legacy but my football IQ is taking the Seahawks. I have seen Peyton break every regular season passing record, yet we know how the story ends with us confused and shocked that Peyton let another title run get away. 

In the year when the NFL really enforced the new defenseless receiver rules and basically any rule favoring the offense it will be great to see a DEFENSE win the title!   

Seahawks 27-24

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By BigMouf Sports

Super Bowl XLVIII

The time is finally here. This Sunday, we're going to find out which team is the best team in the NFL. The Denver Broncos, #1 in points and total yards go up against the Seattle Seahawks, #1 in points and yards allowed.

This is THE battle of Offense vs Defense. Peyton Manning, the leader this season in TD's and Passing yards against the best defense in these playoffs. How do they stack up against each other?

Here's what I'm saying, I don't think the Seahawks have enough defense to stop the Broncos offense. You can bring up the Saints game and how they shut down Brees in the first half, but this is a different Beast of a team. Not only do the Broncos have a better passing attack, but they have a solid running game as well. The one flaw with Seattle's defense in these playoffs has been the ability to stop the run. They gave up 161 against San Francisco and 130 to Kaepernick alone. Seattle's defense is built to contain the pass, but they are vulnerable against the run.

But what has really surprised me is Denver's defense. Throughout the whole season, their achilles heel was their secondary and they have come out in these playoffs and shut it down. The San Diego offense that was so dangerous throughout the regular season was shut out through 3 Quarters. Tom Brady and the running game that had what, 4-5 TD's on the Colts, was quieted down. That Denver defense has definitely surprised while the Seahawks offense has been underwhelming.

And that brings me to Russell Wilson. There've been a lot of people retracting statements about how good they thought Russell Wilson was. He has definitely regressed towards the end of the season.

In his first 12 games: 198 completions, 305 attempts, 64.9 completion%, 22 TD's, 6 INT's, 108.5 QBR

Last 5 games: 68 completions, 120 attempts, 56.7 completion%, 4 TD's, 3 INT's, 77.4 QBR

Since that New Orleans regular season game and on, he hasn't played to how well he was throughout the first half of the season which is understandable for a young QB. He's backed by an elite defense. He went 9-18 for 103 yards against the Saints, but against San Francisco, he went 16-25 for 215 yards. His defense has pretty much won both games for him as Seattle depended on some big plays and turnovers to get into scoring position: That TD Bomb on 4th Down, that kick return right after the 49ers TD, Lynch's 40+ yard run. They can't maintain a consistent drive from what I've seen. It could be due to the lack of weapons, but I think it's a lack of play calling. The QB is not devoid of blame either.

I'm not saying Wilson is bad. He's still a good QB with a strong arm and smooth ball release. He needs to get his running under control as he tends to run wildly within the pocket and lose a lot of yards. And he needs to get the ball out of his hands quicker and be more accurate. In these 2 playoff games, he's missed a lot of throws, his timing and mechanics seem to be off. Look what Denver's defense did to Brady and Rivers. Wilson's O-Line is healthy, but Denver pass rush has played well at getting to the QB and bottling up the run. Wilson will have to adjust to the pressure, but I don't think the Denver Frontline will completely shut down Beast Mode, but it'll be a big test for them. They haven't allowed over 100, hell even close to 90 yards, on the ground in these playoffs.

Peyton Manning is probably the smartest QB of all time. He can read a defense in a second, audible, make changes at the line, step up and fire against the blitz, etc. Basically, he was so smart, there were times where he knew what the defense was going to do with one look. He knew exactly where the ball was going and who it was going to. Seattle's secondary will have its hands full. Can they cover Decker, Demaryius, Welker, Julius, Tamme, Moreno, etc? Denver has too much offense. I'm almost certain Seattle's defense will get exposed. They play tight pass coverage, but unlike The Saints, the Broncos offense is more physical than finesse. I believe Seattle will take away the screen game and contain the big play, but can they stop Denver in those bunch formations, the pick plays, the crossing routes, slants, etc. How well are their coverage skills when it comes to that?

Also, history shows that Peyton Manning has performed well against a #1 ranked defense, or more to the point, a #1 ranked pass defense. If Peyton has a sub par 1st half, you better believe he'll make the adjustments and come out on fire in the 2nd half. Kansas City, for the 1st half of the season, was #1 in almost every single defensive category. What happened when they went up against Peyton Manning? Peyton had 383 yards and a TD on them.

I can't wait to see this game. The #1 seed in the AFC vs The #1 seed in the NFC. The perfect battle of Offense vs Defense. Both teams are physical, but when it comes down it, I'm going with the Broncos. Seattle's played some good passing teams, but they have not faced a team, a passing attack like this. These Broncos are quite possibly the greatest offense in NFL History. The Seattle Seahawks are one of the best defenses in quite some time. But there will be no 12th man in Metlife. Peyton Manning is walking in with a ton of ammo on this one, and I don't think the Seahawks defense can contain it. It'll be a close game, but I'll be honest, it would not shock me in the least if The Broncos blow them out.

Also, people are saying this game is a make or break game for Manning. As far as I'm concerned, Manning is already the Greatest QB ever to play, in my opinion. His smartness, his reads, playing style, ball placement, etc. Rings are not THE deciding factor in determining a QB's greatness. If they were, Terry Bradshaw and Troy Aikman would make Top 5 lists instead of guys like Dan Marino, Brett Favre, or John Elway. Players don't win it on their own, it's a TEAM achievement. Win or lose, this game won't change my opinion of Peyton Manning. Winning this ring will be a notch in his belt to cap off the greatest season for a QB.

I got the Broncos winning 31-20.

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By Gerald "Showstopper" Prophete

CM Punk Quits WWE

This is not a lie. This is not a fabricated story. Check Bleacher Report, check CBS Local, check any wrestling website that reports any sort of wrestling news, this is the real deal. CM Punk pulled a Stone Cold, and basically took his ball and went home. He straight up told Vince McMahon, "I'm going home."

CM Punk, the man who -- up until the Daniel Bryan craze -- was arguably THE most popular superstar in quite some time. He debuted in 2006, and held the WWE Championship for a year in 2011. The only problem is that his title reign was mostly in the mid card, while John Cena was taking the Main Event spots.

This is what I mean. You have a somewhat young talent like CM Punk that lit the world on fire with his promo back in 2011, you give him the WWE Championship for 1 year, but WWE didn't want to run with him as the man closing out each show. He was put in the middle of the show while John Cena main evented most of the pay-per-views. CM Punk was quite possibly the best talker on the mic in this PG Era and one of the only bright spots.

But I'm not going to bash Punk on this one. He was starting to get buried. Anybody with eyes could see that. You could even see it in his face. His promos were getting dull and lacking the same energy they used to, he looked he was just going through the motions at this point. It was honestly a matter of time. CM Punk knew what was going on. He knew what time it was. If I was getting the burial treatment when the man should still be in the Main Event scene over guys like Cena, Batista, and Orton, I'd pack up my bags and head out too.

This is an example of WWE keeping down popular superstars that people want to see and sticking people that we don't want to see in the main event spot. It's ridiculous. Unlike some people, I didn't hop on the CM Punk bandwagon in 2011, I was a fan of the man when first debuted in WWE's ECW program. Great talker & in ring worker, related to a lot of the fans, had his own style, etc. That's why he was so popular. He was "cool" and people loved him. But no, let's give him the company's Top Championship, put him in the middle of the show, and push people who's time was clearly up years ago.

I can tell he was getting frustrated at the amount of part-timers WWE had to bring back and the fact they were put in the Main Event scene right away. That's partly WWE's fault for not pushing their young guys properly. If they booked them right away and gave these guys pushes, they wouldn't have to bring back The Rock, Undertaker, Lesnar, Batista, etc. to get more people to watch. They are too dependent on the past and aren't spending enough time building for the future.

I'm not mad at you CM Punk. You do your thing. WWE severely misused this guy, didn't want to take a chance with him as the face of the WWE, and once he lost the belt, the burial process started. Now, he's gone. I don't know if he's gone for good, or if he's taking a vacation. I hope he's gone for good. WWE really doesn't deserve a talent like this guy.

Just my two cents.

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By Gerald "Showstopper" Prophete

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Battle For New York

It's not the battle for New York like many NBA Experts predicted but nonetheless, the battle for New York will continue on January 20th, Martin Luther King Day.

It's ironic that one that on the day The Great Dr. Martin Luther King was born -- the man that once had a dream of equality for us all -- we Knicks fans get to watch a group of selfish men attempt to look like a team and try to get a win against the suddenly hot Nets team who have 7 out of their last 10 games.

This situation is actually really surprising, yet really interesting. Jason Kidd, a 1st year Coach with zero experience has gotten his team to believe in him and each other. Meanwhile, the veteran Knicks Coach, Mike Woodson, has yet to get his players to buy into his message of playing with effort, heart, and basketball fundamentals. 

Coach Woodson is a defensive minded Coach which would be great if he had respect from his players. The NBA had to step in and fine JR Smith $50,000 before Woodson decided he had enough of JR Smith's antics. If Woodson can't control a player that comes off the bench, can he really control the entire team?

With the Knicks being 15-25, the answer is NO! So, on MLK Day, there is a dream to be realized for both New York teams. The questions is, which one will realize this year has turned into a nightmare?!

By Big Mouf

Thursday, January 16, 2014

AFC/NFC Championship Sunday Predictions

Championship Sunday. One of the greatest Sundays in Sports. After this Sunday, we'll know who's going to be in the Super Bowl. We've got the two future Hall of Fame QB's going at it for the 4th time in the playoffs and we've not 2 young QB's backed by elite defenses playing in the most hostile environment. What more could ask for?

AFC Championship Game, 3 p.m., CBS

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

You've probably heard a lot about things this week about how Tom Brady is 10-4 vs Peyton Manning, including 2-1 in the playoffs. You've probably heard how much better Tom Brady is than Peyton Manning and all this other noise. I've said this countless times, and even in the Brady vs Manning blog post I did earlier. Brady had the better teams around him, Peyton never had a consistent running game, or a defense that caused turnovers and made big stops when it had to be done. Brady has. His defenses were stacked and his running game was consistent. All this talk about how Brady does more with less, and how Peyton has consistently had star receivers. Did you ever think that Peyton made the talent he has around him. If he brings Denver to the Super Bowl, that'd be 2 different teams he brought to the Super Bowl which is a detriment to how good he really is. Don't take this as me bashing on Brady. Again, I've got Brady in my Top 5-10 QB's of all time, but he gets way overhyped and too much of the credit when he doesn't deserve it. That's my two cents, so let me get to the game.

The only concern the Patriots should have on offense is that they have no consistent deep threat. They run those constant out routes, slant patterns and they love to work the middle with Edleman and Amendola, but they have no legit deep threat. Dobson and Thompkins aren't consistent enough. Their running game will play a big part on how this game goes. If their running game does as well as they did  against the Colts, it'll be hard for Denver to compete. But I think Denver will keep the Patriots running game in check. Blount is a physical running game, but you can't expect him to do what he did against the Colts again against a better rushing defense like Denver, and I don't expect him to. I think most of the game will be in Tom Brady's hands and how he works the middle and those out routes and throwing bullets for his receivers and moving the football on Denver's defense. Edleman has been their best receiver in efficient route running and yards after the catch. He'll need to have a big game for the Patriots to pull this one out.

Moving to Denver, part of what won the San Diego was their defense. A major weakness for Denver all season long was their pass rush and getting consistent pressure. Their defense showed up against San Diego, but New England's offensive line is a little better than that. I think it'll be harder for Denver to get consistent pressure on Brady. Both teams have come a long way since that Week 12 game where that Patriots offense got overwhelmed by Denver's defense leading to a quick 24-0 lead for the Broncos. Speaking of that game, Denver rushed for over 200 yards back in that game. I'm not saying Moreno will have 200 yards again, but Denver's running game will be key in moving the football, adding those yards up, and those short yardage plays. What should worry Denver on offense is dropped passes. Denver's receivers are good at getting open and running routes, but they can't hold onto the ball. Decker and Welker dropped TD passes in the San Diego game that could've put the game away long, long ago. Holding onto the ball will be crucial when it comes down to late game situations and coming up clutch.

What is going to be important is how Peyton performs against this defense. His pre snap reads have to be on point. There are times where just takes a glance over the defense and automatically knows what they're doing and how to beat it. His receivers need to hold onto the ball. If Denver will want to consistently move the football, when Peyton delivers the ball, these guys need to hold onto it. I think Denver will have trouble defending these plays over the middle, covering those slant patterns and out routes. Denver wins if that defense shows up, gets consistent pressure and forces turnovers. The Patriots win taking advantage of match ups on Denver's secondary and running the football effectively.

Brady may have a winning record against Manning, but he has a losing record against the Broncos (5-6) and 3-10 on the road against winning opponents since 2009. The last time Brady was in the AFC Championship on the ROAD, he played Peyton Manning and he LOST that game. Interesting enough, the winner of the Brady/Manning playoff games have gone on to win the Super Bowl. It's going to be great game. Can't wait to see it.

Prediction: Broncos defeat Patriots

NFC Championship Game, 6:30 p.m., FOX

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks

For the 2nd year in a row, I've discounted the 49ers and picked against them throughout the playoffs and they have proven me wrong. That defense has been extraordinary during these playoffs. Containing Aaron Rodgers at Home, and shutting down Carolina. Carolina scored 10 points in the 1st half, never scored again. Kaepernick has played well, but the strength of this team comes from their defensive capabilities. 

The Niners are a run heavy team, with Kaepernick running the read and Gore back there. The Niners, in these playoffs, have averaged 146.5 yards on the ground, but are 7th in passing yards. And this is why I've discounted the Niners; I just don't trust their passing game. Kaepernick is not a pure pocket passer. He's got a great arm, but he's inaccurate and can make some pretty wild throws. He thrives on running the ball and setting up the pass. Seattle's defense is out of this world and I don't see Kaepernick running wild out of the pocket for big chunks of yardage. He'll hard to stop on 3rd and short, but for the most part, this game will come down to whether or not he can make consistent throws from the pocket and with Boldin out there, he won't have to do much work. Boldin's gonna be the most physical receiver on the field Sunday. He can get physical with the Seahawks secondary and come down with the football and make plays. Crabtree will attract attention, but for the most part, I don't see him exploding for a big game. His presence alone will be troublesome, but I think Crabtree will be kept in check and Kaepernick and Boldin need to be on the same page like they were against Carolina. If they get it going like that, their passing attack will be hard to stop. But it's their defense is what will decide the game. They've done a great job getting pressure, containing the run, and not giving up the big play. They'll have to do all of this to stop Seattle. Follow Arizona's formula; consistent pressure on Wilson, jamming receivers, tight coverage, and denying separation and shut down that offense.

Speaking of defense, we all know how elite Seattle's defense is, especially on their Homefield. Look at how they kept the Saints offense contained throughout that game. They pretty much held them to 8 points, with that 7 coming in garbage time. The key to this game will be Marshawn Lynch running the football well and going off. Seattle has to win the turnover battle against San Francisco. Against New Orleans, they caused turnovers, got great field position and easy scoring opportunities. I think people are discounting Russell Wilson in this game. Difference between him and Kaepernick, is that Wilson is a better pocket passer. He can stand and deliver the football. He'll have to make plays with his feet, because that Niners pass rush will get to him and when they do, he'll have to extend the play with his feet and move the football. The Seattle secondary are physical, and hard-hitting machines and will have to contain the 49ers receivers. Another good thing Seattle did against the Saints was not give up the big play. If they can do that against a passing attack like the Saints, I'm sure they can do that against San Francisco.

Running the ball will be crucial for both teams. Lynch ran the ball well against New Orleans and will have to ball out against San Francisco's tough defensive line and linebacking core. I trust Russell Wilson a little more delivering the football and making accurate throws over Kaepernick. Kaepernick, however, is lucky to have a receiver that can go up and get the ball like Boldin. Both defenses will have to come strong as well. At Home, Seattle's defensive energy will be too much and the Niners are going to struggle to move the ball early on. I think Seattle's defense will get consistent pressure, get into good field position and get easy scoring opportunities. People really underestimate Seattle at Home ever since the Cardinals beat them. Kaepernick is 0-2 in Seattle, both games were blowouts. I could see this being a close game, but it wouldn't shock me if Seattle is up by double digits at the half. I picked Denver and Seattle to meet in the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season, that's what I'm staying with.

Prediction: Seahawks defeat 49ers

Arguably the 4 best teams in the playoffs made it to their respective Conference Championship Games. We're going to find out who the best team is, and which team came prepared with the better game plan. We're going to find out who's going to Super Bowl. I hope you're as excited as I am.

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By: Gerald "Showstopper" Prophete